Dartmouth castle

Dartmouth is a wonderful town that hugs the Devon shore, and has plenty to offer for the flocks of visitors it attracts every summer. The old small naval port is now a small fishing port with beautiful coastal scenes due to its hilly location. It has been known for its importance in crusades in the early 12th century where it was a key sailing drop off point in the ‘vastfleets’ who rested and restocked there. The town has a reputation for its wonderful food, specifically fish and has common visits from celebrities such as Rick Stein and ex Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Dartmouth castle is a big part of Dartmouth’s history and attracts masses of visitors on a daily basis due to its great art and weaponry artifacts. It was used as a guard into narrow entrance into the sailing port, and had many encounters in the 1148 crusade with enemy ships trying to get through. The port was a popular choice across Europe with 164 ships entering its port in the 2nd crusade.

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