Dartmouth is a wonderful town that hugs the Devon shore, and has plenty to offer for the flocks of visitors it attracts every summer. The old small naval port is now a small fishing port with beautiful coastal scenes due to its hilly location. It has been known for its importance in crusades in the early 12th century where it was a key sailing drop off point in the ‘vastfleets’ who rested and restocked there. The town has a reputation for its wonderful food, specifically fish and has common visits from celebrities such as Rick Stein and ex Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.



Dartmouth castle is a big part of Dartmouth’s history and attracts masses of visitors on a daily basis due to its great art and weaponry artifacts. It was used as a guard into narrow entrance into the sailing port, and had many encounters in the 1148 crusade with enemy ships trying to get through. The port was a popular choice across Europe with 164 ships entering its port in the 2nd crusade.

Things to Do 

If you are looking for some exciting activities there is much to do in Dartmouth’s wonderful countryside. Dartmouth has some of the best spots hikes, canoeing and has been compared to the similarly famous gorge walking in south wales and the brecon area. Dartmouth attracts a variety of families, couples both young and old and even retired people who enjoy the relaxing and tranquil surroundings that this wonderful devon town has to offer.



Dartmouth is a very popular destination for nursing homes and retirement homes, which cater for illnesses such as parkinson’s and dementia. Some of the best nursing homes are available in the Devon area and have been recently won “Best Care Home Location” from top selling Retired magazine. Get in touch via the Contact Us page if you require information about homes and possible care you may be interested for and overall advice free of charge.